If You Clicked On The Link By Accident. (Thai: หากคุณกดการเชื่อมต่อโดยไม่ตั้งใจ[hak khun kot kanchueamto doi mai tang chai])

Way to say Thai language the particular sentence "If you clicked on the link by accident"

Today I have found the very good sentence while surfing on the internet.

When we are using the internet, sometimes our fingers might touch on the keyboard buttons without intention.

According to that, the web page programmer has designed on how to undo it.

However, to make sure that task has been done by wrongdoing. 

There will be a question sentence asking you first for confirmation that you really want clicking onto the title/link intentionally.

Hereafter is in Thai:
หาก คุณ กด การเชื่อมต่อ โดย ไม่ ตั้ง ใจ
hak khun kot kanchueamto doi mai tang chai
If you clicked on the link by accident.

คำศัพท์(khamsap) | Vocabulary
ออกเสียง(ok-seang) | Pronunciation
แปล(plae) | Translate
หาก hàak if
คุณ khun you
กด gòt [to] press ; push ; push down
การเชื่อมต่อ gaan chêuam dtòr n.connection ; connecting
โดย doi by ; with ; by means of
ไม่ mai no, not
ตั้งใจ dtâng jai [to] intend (to) ; aim (to) ; mean (to)
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