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Ratchanok Inthanon (Thai: รัชนก อิทนนท์), Nickname “May” (Thai: เมย์), won the World Championship Badminton and she is the youngest-ever woman World Championship in history.

She has won the Badminton World Championships in China, 11 August’ 2013.

Ratchanok was born in Roi-Et province in the Northeast of Thailand, but moved to Yasothorn Province and grew up there until she was at the age of 4 years, moved again with her parents, her father Mr. Winutchai Intanon and Mrs. Kumpan Suvarsara her mother who worked at the Banthongyord sweets factory in Bangkhae district, Bangkok capital city, Thailand.

As a child, Ratchanok has ran around in the factory’s area where her parents worked for that it has the cooking furnaces installed. Then the owner has allowed her to play at the plant’s badminton filed because afraid of danger from the hot water and sugar melt in the Thai traditional sweet cooking furnaces. That was her first kick-off starting playing badminton so far.

Well, today let us take this chance learning some Thai sentences about her new world title recently.   

What kind of sport do you like?
Khun chop kira a-rai

My favorite sport is badminton.
Chan chop kira badminton.

Where did the World Badminton Championship 2013 tournament taking place?
การแข่งขันกีฬาแบดมินตันชิงแชมป์โลกปี 2013 จัดขึ้นที่ไหน
Kankhaengkhan kira badminton chingchamplok pi 2013 chatkhuen thi hnai

Who is the Women's World badminton championship for 2013?
ใครได้เป็นแชมป์หญิงเดี่ยวแบดมินตันปี 2013
Khrai dai pen champ hying diao badminton pi song-soon-hnueng-sam

The champion this year, 2013 is Ratchanok Inthanon or “may” her nickname.
แชมป์ปี 2013 คือรัชนก อินทนน์ หรือ เมย์
Champ pi song-soon-hnueng-sam khue Ratchanok Inthanon hrue “May” 

May is 18-year-old, a youngest-ever World badminton championship. Moreover, she is the first Thai to win a world title in the sport too.

Congratulations indeed, on here receiving the top prize in this occasion.

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Vocabulary: (คำศัพท์ [khamsap])

คุณ khun = you
ชอบ chop = like
กีฬา kira = sport
อะไร a-rai = what
ฉัน chan = I
แบดมินตัน badminton = badminton
การแข่งขันกีฬา Kankhaengkhan kira = sport tournament
ใคร khrai = who
ได้ dai = get, receive
แชมป์ champ = champ
หญิง hying = woman
เดี่ยว diao = single
ปี pi = year

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