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"Happy Birthday To You" How to say in Thai.

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Sawattdii khrap(สวัสดีครับ) Hello, everyone. My name is Leng. Today I’m going to teach you the Thai sentence about saying blessing “Happy Birthday To You”.

Do you have any Thai guy friends?

Do you know anyone in Thailand?

Or, do you make a living in Thailand?

If, your answer was yes!

So, now! YES! It’s time for you to learn the popular in the world “Happy Birthday To You” in Thai.

You can image that how great it is if your friends, parents, boss, colleagues, who are Thai, having the blessing from you, in their native language!.

Let’s come to the lesson. If you want to say or write the word regarding making them impressively.

Such as this particular state for birthday occasion.

You just say this sentence:

สุขสันต์ วันเกิด
sùk-săn wan gèrt
Happy Birthday

If you want to identify to whom you bless to, just add each vocabulary at the of the sentence such as if you want to bless Happy Birthday to your friend, you just say;

สุขสันต์ วันเกิด เพื่อน
sùk-săn wan gèrt pêuan
Happy Birthday My Friend
เพื่อน(pêuan) means friend

สุขสันต์ วันเกิด
sùk-săn wan gèrt
Happy Birthday

Now, I would like to give you more sentences that I am sure you will love these awesome Thai words.

Before, we go there, at first I will teach you the Thai particles. Actually, Thai has many particles to add at the end of the sentences.

But, in here, I will teach you the most use in daily life of speaking.

Khrap(Thai: ครับ) is a Thai particle to add at the end of the sentence. This is only for male to use it.(Sentence end word of Male)

Kha(Thai: ค่ะ) is also one of Thai particles to put at the end of the sentence. If you are female, you use Kha(Thai: ค่ะ) putting at the end of the sentence.( Sentence end word of female).

In brief, whenever you want to use the politeness Thai particles. Think only this.
  • Khrap(ครับ) is for male
  • Kha(ค่ะ) is for female
Now, I believe you can guess that male or female who is speaking the sentences as follow;

สุขสันต์ วันเกิด ครับ พ่อ
sùk-săn wan gèrt kráp pôr
Happy Birthday daddy

สุขสันต์ วันเกิด ครับ แม่
sùk-săn wan gèrt kráp mâe
Happy Birthday mummy.

สุขสันต์ วันเกิด ครับ ที่รัก
sùk-săn wan gèrt kráp têe rák
Happy Birthday Honey.

สุขสันต์ วันเกิด ครับ คุณ สมชาย
sùk-săn wan gèrt kráp khun somchai
Happy Birthday khun Somchai.

See more these sentences below again. The new sentences are pretty similar to the above sentences, but they are different only the particle of each sentence.

Shall we jump into it now?

สุขสันต์ วันเกิด ค่ะ พ่อ
sùk-săn wan gèrt khâ pôr
Happy Birthday daddy.

สุขสันต์ วันเกิด ค่ะ แม่
sùk-săn wan gèrt khâ mâe
Happy Birthday mummy.

สุขสันต์ วันเกิด ค่ะ ที่รัก
sùk-săn wan gèrt khâ têe rák
Happy Birthday Honey.

สุขสันต์ วันเกิด ค่ะ คุณ สมชาย
sùk-săn wan gèrt khâ khun somchai
Happy Birthday khun Somchai.

Now it’s time for me to share with you on what Thai people usually do their birthday circle.

↪Can you help me figure out what they do?


They will go to buy a Birthday cake. They maybe write some special word on the topping cake such as;

สุขสันต์ วันเกิด
sùk-săn wan gèrt
Happy Birthday.

Or some kind of words like this;

สุขสันต์ วันเกิด ครบรอบ 30 ปี
sùk-săn wan gèrt króp rôp săam sìp bpee
Happy 30th Birthday Circle.

Then, they will have a small party at home or eating out depends on their convenience.

During the party, when they have eaten for a while, the time is ripe. They will light the small party candles which are putting on the topping of the birthday cake.

Then, it’s time for singing a Happy Birthday song.

After singing have done, they will blow out the candle lights, cutting the cake and share with…

Additionally, they will say some words for making the birthday man pleasure. It’s some kind of speeches like this;

ขอให้ มี ความสุข มากๆ นะ ครับ/คะ
kŏr hâi mee kwaam sùk mâak mâak na kráp/ká
Have a very very happiness!

The lyric of this song is singing… Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you,…
(How dull am I!!!!, this is the song they sing the same at everywhere for a Birthday party?)

OK, now it’s time for you to practice by speaking it out loud about 5-7 times or as you can say it when!

Almost forget it!

Perhaps, they will buy a birthday gift for the birthday guy. They usually buy it by their own and give him/her individually.

But, in some occasion, there will share the money and buy a special birthday gift and give to...

For example;

I, and some of my colleagues who are working in the same company used to buy the big bottle of beverage for the boss on his Birthday circle last year.

Well, I hope everything goes well with you for reading my Thai language and some real life happening in a land of smile there! Thailand.

Before I leave for today, I would like to tell how benefits you will gain from learning other language. And why it should be Thai???

Why you should learn Thai specifically and how to get started. There are countless reasons, but perhaps the biggest one of all is that it could actually change your life.

How change?

They said, learning a new language unlocks new pathways that are off limits you knew. There's certain things that you simply cannot do without having the technical or cultural skills that come from learning a new language like working or living in another country.

Such as, for instance, I had never known before that the Mother’s Day is not the same date in every country. And what they usually do for this cerebration. Till I have learned English and read the information and news from the internet.

Thanks to my teacher teaching me English and I’m glad at what I have made my decision starting learning English long time ago.

Knowing another language is provided with greater job opportunities you have the freedom to move to another country halfway around the world and earn a living or better yet build a career from it instead of just being stuck in one place.

I used to work for the multinational companies which have invested their money and built the huge manufacturing in Thailand.

Inside there, the top managerial levels are from their country of origins. They have very good benefits provided. Car, luxury condominium in the downtown area, tuition fee for their children, meal offering, and so on,- yes, all those things, the company provide them.

Yet, I DON’T mentioned about how high salary they get paid.

However, I think they deserve what since they derive. That’s reasonable.

Some of those expatiates speak Thai much better than some Thai who live in the deep south of Thailand.

Wow! Triple times! I wish mine will be there one day! Sooner or later…

But why not now???

Gotta cry…

Well, the language allows you to visit or live in places that you may never have even considered.

Therefore, one of the best to invest in yourself is going to know another language.

Going knowing the Thai language simply gives you more options to choose from and learning it as a new language. To do this also helps you to be more open-minded and see the world from a new perspective language and culture.

Well, it’s time for me to say ลาก่อน(laa gòn).

See you next time.

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Michael Leng, blogger

Sentence: ประโยค[prayok] สุขสันต์วันเกิด
Pronunciation: การออกเสียง[kan-ok-siang] suk san wan keot
Translation: คำแปล[khamplae] Happy Birthday
Tense: กาล[kan]
Rule: กฏ[kot]
Vocabulary: ศัพท์[sap] สุขสันต์[suk-san]=Happy, วันเกิด[wan-keot]=Birthday
Explanation: อธิบาย[a-thi-bai] To bless to someone on his birthday occasion. This is for both writing and speaking form.  

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