How Do You Spell Your Name Please? (Thai: chûay sa-got chue hâi noi [ช่วยสะกดชื่อให้หน่อย])

When we go to apply for whatever that we have to fill out application form or related document. Then to prevent any wrong information onto the form.
What is the sentence in Thai language when requesting someone to spell name and/or words? Please read this sentence below for your reference.

karuna sakot chue khong khun doi
How do you spell your name please?

dai khrup

ส ม ช า ย
sor seua/mor maa/chor chang/yor yak
Read as SOM CHAI, Name for Thai men.

Vocabulary: ศัพท์[sap] กรุณา karuna = please
สกด sakot = spell
ชื่่อ chue = name
ของคุณ khongkhun = your

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