How can I lose 9 Pounds In The First Week? Learn Thai Free Online

Talk about how to lose weigh in Thai. Nowadays, life style of man in the big city is changed. Working in the offices or factories in the whole day. Have no time for exercises.

Therefore, many people have fat accumulated in the body. Specially in the lower.

The slim shape business have opened through out of the down towns and city skirts.

Well, today I am going to explore Thai words using in theirs business and advertisement.

Sentence: ประโยค[prayok] ฉันลดน้ำหนักได้ 9 ปอนด์เพียงในสัปดาห์แรก
Pronunciation: การออกเสียง[kan-ok-siang] chan lot namnak dai kao pounds peang nai sapdaraek 
Translation: คำแปล[khamplae] I lost 9 pounds in the first week.
Vocabulary: ศัพท์[sap] ฉัน chan=I
ลด lot=lost
น้ำหนัก namnak=weight
9 kao=9
ปอนด์ pound=pound
สัปดาห์แรก sapdaraek=first week
Explanation: อธิบาย[a-thi-bai] Thai language is using the word "กิโลกรัม[kilogram]=kilogram" as normal.

But it will use"ปอนด์[pound] for the particular category such as for weighing boxers and sports.

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