When Do You Speak “Excuse Me” When Talking With Thai People?

“Excuse Me” Learn when to this word in Thai

Many expatriates who live in Thailand and travelers who take a trip to Thailand might want to know how to say the word “Excuse me” in Thai language for starting to question, getting someone's attention, and bothering someone.

First of all, I want to teach you the Thai particles as below regarding to you will understand Thai easily.

Khrap(Thai: ครับ) is a Thai particle to add at the end of the sentence. This is only for male to use it.(Sentence end word of Male)

Kha(Thai: ค่ะ) is also one of Thai particles to put at the end of the sentence. If you are female, you use Kha(Thai: ค่ะ) putting at the end of the sentence.( Sentence end word of female).

It’s very simple! Why? Because, Thai has just only one word for both “Excuse me” and “I am sorry” in English.

Here it is:

Kho thot

But Thai language has some particles to express how politeness of speakers to listeners in a conversation.
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If you are a female, you say:

Khothot kha
I am sorry.

Likewise if you are a male, you use:

Khothot khrup
I am sorry.

Then after that you start up any conversation as you want.
  • Example sentences:
ขอโทษครับ ห้องน้ำไปทางไหนครับ
Khothot khrup Hongnam pai thang hnai khrup
Excuse me, Where is the toilet please?

ขอโทษค่ะ สนามมวยลุมพินีทางไหนคะ
Khothot kha sanammuai Lumpini pai thang hnai kha
Excuse me, Where is the Lumpini Thai boxing stadium please?
  • Sample of answer sentences:
เดินตรงไปประมาณ 200 เมตร อยู่ตรงซ้ายมือครับ
Doen trong pai praman song-roi-met yu trong sai mue khrup
Just go strait ahead for about 200 metters, it’s on the left.

ขับรถไปเรื่อยๆบนถนนพระรามสี่ สนามมวยอยู่ติดกับสวนลุมพินีค่ะ
Khap rot pai rueai rueai bon thatnon phraram-si sanammuai yutit kap suanlumpini kha
Drive along the road Rama 4, it’s close to Lumpini Park.

Hope you enjoy our lesson today.

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Michael Leng, Freelance blogger

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Vocabulary (คำศัพท์)

ขอโทษ khothot = excuse me, sorry
ขอโทษครับ khothot khrup = excuse me, sorry (for male use)
ขอโทษค่ะ khothot kha = excuse me, sorry (for female use)
ขับรถ khaprot = to drive a car
ซ้ายมือ saimue = left hand
เดิน duen = walk
ถนน thanon = road/street
ทางไหน thanghnai = where
บน bon = on
ไป pai = go
ร้อย roi (100)= a hundred
เรื่อยๆ rueai rueai = go along
สนามมวย sanammuai = boxing station
สวน suan = park
สอง song = 2
สองร้อย songroi = 200
อยู่ติด yutit = close/next to


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