Will You Marry Me?(Thai: แต่งงานกับฉันไหม[ dtàeng ngaan kap chan măi])

"Will You Marry Me?" How to say it in Thai

Wow! Do you fall in love with a Thai girl? Want to request her to get married? How to say in Thai?

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Here below are the sentences that you can speak to your lover. It's cool.

คุณ แต่งงาน กับ ฉัน เถอะ นะ
khun dtàeng-ngaan kap chan thoe na
Will you marry me?

Note, Thai language, in some sentence, has no subject.

For example.

The sentence which we have learnt today. It can be cut the word "คุณ[khun]=you" out.

It likes this,

แต่งงาน กับ ฉัน เถอะ นะ
dtàeng-ngaan kap chan thoe na
Will you marry me?

This is shorten form. But everyone can understand it with other environment context.

Vocabulary: คำศัพท์[kham-sap]





ไหม[hmai]=It's ending word denoting that sentence is an irrigation sentence.

แหวนแต่งงาน[wăen dtàeng ngaan]= wedding ring

Thanks for being with us, see time next time.

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