What Subjects Did You Study At School? (Thai: คุณเรียนสาขาอะไร)

Today, let us learn Thai about how to make a question sentence asking the subject that someone had attended while he/she was in school.

คุณ เรียน สาขา อะไร
khun rian sa-kha a-rai
What subjects did you study at school?


Interrogative Sentence Thai language, Question words usually lay at the end of the sentences.

Such as the sentence above; อะไร[a-rai] is at the end of the sentence form.

However, some question word like ใคร[khai]=who, being used by putting at the first of sentence form.


ใคร ทำ คุณ ร้องไห้
khrai tham khun rong-hai
Who make you cry?

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