Learn How To Speak Greeting in Thai Language "Welcome!". (Thai: ยินดีต้อนรับ[Yin di ton rap])

In Thai language, to say welcome someone to our places such as welcome to house, office, restaurant, hotel, etc. Using the line below as your guidance of practice Thai sentences.

ยินดีต้อนรับ ครับ/ค่ะ
Yin di ton rap khrap/kha

Yin di ton rap su phrathetthai
Welcome to Thailand!

Yin di ton rap su patthaya
Welcome to Patthaya!

Yin di ton rap su Phuket
Welcome to Phuket!

Yin di ton rap su Chiang Mai
Welcome to Chiang Mai!

Yin di ton rap su ran a-han khong rao
Welcome to our restaurant!

Yin di ton rap su borisat khong-rao
Welcome to our company!

*Phuket is a province in Southern, Thailand. It is an island surrounding by Andaman Sea. Size is similar to Singapore country. Clean and clear sea beach.

*Chiang Mai is a province in Northern. It has very good weather and unique culture.

*Patthaya is a popular tourist attraction in East coast of the Gulf of Thailand. It is a self-governing municipal area, which is located in the Chonburi province. Nightlife is very great.

คำศัพท์(khamsap) | Vocabulary
ออกเสียง(ok-seang) | Pronunciation
แปล(plae) | Translate
ของเรา kŏng rao our, ours
ครับ khrup Thai particle putting at the end of sentence for men use indicating more polite
ค่ะ khâa Thai particle for women use indicating more polite(affirmative sentence)
เชียงใหม่ chiang-mài chiang-mài (A province in North, Thailand)
บริษัท bor-rí-sàt Noun, of Pali/Sanskrit origin. company ; business ; group
ประเทศไทย bprà-tâyt tai Noun Thailand
พัทยา pát-tá-yaa Noun Pattaya
ภูเก็ต poo-gèt Phuket (a province in south of Thailand)
ยินดีต้อนรับ yin dee dtôn ráp Interjection welcome!
ร้านอาหาร ráan aa-hăan Noun restaurant
สู่ su to ; toward ; into

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