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Do you work in Thailand? Do you like your job?

Well, it's very easy to make a question in Thai with the sentence; "Do you like your job?"

Do you like your job? In Thai is: คุณชอบงานของคุณไหม[khun chop ngan khong khun mai]),

Now, the answers will be in form as following:

ประโยคที่มีใจความตอบรับ (Affirmation sentence):

ใช่ ฉันชอบ
chai chan chop
Yes, I like.

ใช่ ฉันชอบงานของฉัน
chai chan chop ngam khong-chan
Yes, I like my job.

ใช่ ฉันชอบงานของฉันมาก
chai chan chop ngam khong-chan mak
Yes, I like my job very much.

ประโยคที่มีใจความปฏิเสธ (Negation sentence):

mai chan maichop
No, I don't like.

mai chan maichop ngam khong-chan
No, I don't like my job.

mai chan maichop ngam khong-chan mak loie
No, I don't like my job very much.

Hope you love Thai at this moment and from now on, right? Thai language may more complicate than English, in my opinion even I'm Thai mother tongue.

But, if you just follow my article and learn them bit by a bit, you will have to master in Thai sooner or later.

คำศัพท์(khamsap) | Vocabulary
ออกเสียง(ok-seang) | Pronunciation
แปล(plae) | Translate
ของ khong of, thing
งาน ngaan Noun event ; ceremony ; festival
ใจความ jai kwaam Noun, essence ; matter ; meaning
ฉัน chan Pronoun I, me: Commonly used by females (Occasionally, monks and men might use it too).
ชอบ chôp Verb [to] like
ใช่ châi yes
ที่ thi that, at, place, to, land
ปฏิเสธ bpà-dtì-sàyt verb, of Pali/Sanskrit origin [to] deny ; refuse ; refute
ประโยค bprà-yòhk Noun, of Pali/Sanskrit origin, grade in Buddhist theolog ; class ; level
มาก Māk very much, a lot
มี mi has, have, there is, there are
ไม่ mai no, not

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