Are You Married? (Thai:คุณแต่งงานหรือยัง [khun tang-ngan hrueyang])

As you know that it's not polite to ask some question anyone we don't know much. But if it has to do so. In Thai language, please read the dialogue below and use it as your guide for speaking with your Thai friends.

Are you single?
khun sot chai-hmai khrup/kha

Yes, I am single.
ใช่ ฉันโสด
chai chan sot

No, I'm not single.
ไม่ ฉันไม่โสด
mai chan mai sot


Are you married?
khun tang-ngan hrueyang

Yes, I am married.
ใช่ ฉันแต่งงานแล้ว
chai, chan tangngan laeo

No, I'm not married.
ไม่ ฉันยังไม่ได้แต่งงาน
mai, chan yang mai dai tangngan.


Do you stay alone?
khun hyu khon diao hrue

No, I don't.
ไม่ ฉันไม่ได้อยู่คนเดียว
mai chan mai dai hyu khon diao

Oh, yes I stay alone.
อ๋อ, ฉันอยู่คนเดียว
Oh, chan ayu khon diao

คำศัพท์[khamsap] Vocabulary
    คุณ khun = you
    ฉัน chan = I
    ครับ khrap ; It's no meaning. It's used for man to say at the end of sentence[s] denote for more polite.
    ค่ะ kha ; Be used as same as ครับ. But it's for woman say.
    แต่งงาน tangngan = marry
    โสด sot = single

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    1. Nice article. There's a conflict between machine translators! Which one is correct?
      ไม่ ฉันไม่โสด -> "No, I'm not Married" (Google Translate) or "No I am not single." (Bing Translator)?