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"Are You Hungry?" how to say in Thai

How to make questions in Thai about eating.

Thai people usually make another some questions sentences for greeting beside the sentence "How are you? (คุณสบายดีไหม)" when they meet each other as following.
kin khao hru yang
Have you eaten yet?
This question sentence above doesn't expect exactly respond from the one whom being asked. It's just ordinary culture that Thai have been doing it.

Here below the answer sentences:
กิน แล้ว
kin laeo
Yes, I have eaten.
ยัง ไม่ได้ กิน เลย
yang mai-dai kin loei
No, not yet eating.
กิน kin = eat, is an informal word. It can be used both in writing and speaking. Anyway, the formal word which the same meaning as กิน [kin] is รับประทาน [rap pra than].
เช้านี้ ผม รับประทาน ข้าวมันไก่
chao-ni chan rapprathan khoamankai
I have pain rice with boiled chicken this morning.

Well, if you would like to make a question in Thai: "Are you hungry?". You use the line right after here below:

khun hĭw hrue yang
Are you hungry?
**ข้าวมันไก่่ [khoamankai], is composed of 4 things. They are pain rice, boiled chicken top on rice, sliced cucumber and source. Being served with clear soup.

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  • Vocabulary คำศัพท์
รับประทาน rap pra than = eat (very formal) 
ทาน than = eat (short word of รับประทาน)
กิน kin = eat
คุณ khun = you
hĭw = hungry
หรือยัง hrue yang = tag word to identify of a question sentence
ข้าวมันไก่่ khoamankai = boiled chicken with rice

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