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"Is Today Your Birthday?" How to say in Thai

In here! you will find what you ask any question about Thai.

If today is some one’s birth that is special for you. Nevertheless, you want to make sure that is true. You can make a question in Thai as this sentence following:

วันนี้ เป็น วันเกิด คุณ หรือ
wan née bpen wan gèrt khun rĕu
Is today your birthday?
Anyway, if you have ever seen the a bit longer sentence than above like:
วันนี้ เป็น วันเกิด ของคุณ หรือ
wan née bpen wan gèrt kŏng khun rĕu
Is today your birthday?
Please be noted that they are both the same meaning. You can use any sentence from above. The second is rather formal form while the first sentence is usually being used for verbal.

Don't miss to see how to answer the above question in the next article.

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Michael Leng

คำศัพท์(khamsap) | Vocabulary
ออกเสียง(ok-seang) | Pronunciation
แปล(plae) | Translate
วันนี้ wan née Noun today
เป็น bpen is, am, are, was, were
วันเกิด wan gèrt Noun birthday
ของคุณ khong khun your
หรือ rĕu (question particle used when seeking confirmation of something thought to be true, or to make a question sound softer) Examples ใช่หรือ châi rĕu "is that right ? ; is that so ?" (question particle)
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