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What Does The Sentence “What Is This?” In Thai?

Use this sentence of Thai language to make a question while you want to know the name of thing, and it is nearby you either.

นี่ คือ อะไร
nêe khue a-rai
What is this?

The below sentences are the reply for the question above.

นี่ คือ ปากกา หนึ่ง ด้าม
nêe khue bpàak gaa nueng dâam
This is a pen.

นี่ คือ หนังสือ หนึ่ง เล่ม
nêe khue năng-sĕu nueng lêm
This is a book.

นี่ คือ รถ หนึ่ง คัน
nêe khue rót nueng kan
This is a car.

นี่ คือ รถ ของ ฉัน
nêe khue rót khong chan
This is my car.

In addition, Thai have many particles to add at the end of the sentence for making the speaker respect to anyone who are talking with.

Here, I will select just only the two particles which are the almost one Thai using them in their daily life commonly.

So, I would like to teach you how to add the particles in sentences as I have said it so above.

Here we go!

Khrap(Thai: ครับ) is a Thai particle to add at the end of the sentence. This is only for male to use it.(Sentence end word of Male)

If you are male, you use Khrap(Thai: ครับ)

And Kha(Thai: ค่ะ) is also one of Thai particles to put at the end of the sentence. If you are female, you use Kha(Thai: ค่ะ) putting at the end of the sentence.( Sentence end word of female).

I'm myself not hopeless to learn English.

On the other way, I wish that my posting today is touching your mind and inspiring your Thai learning!
Michael Leng

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คำศัพท์(khamsap) | Vocabulary
ออกเสียง(ok-seang) | Pronunciation
แปล(plae) | Translate
ของ khong of, thing
คัน kan Noun, Classifier (คัน is the classifier for cars and other vehicles except planes or boats. It's also the classifier for forks and spoons.)
คือ khue is, am, are, was, were
ฉัน chan Pronoun I, me: Commonly used by females (Occasionally, monks and men might use it too).
ด้าม dâam Noun, Classifier handle ; shaft ; hilt (ด้าม is the classifier for pens and pencils.)
นี่ nêe here
ปากกา bpàak gaa Noun. pen
รถ rót Noun, of Pali/Sanskrit origin car ; vehicle
เล่ม lêm Noun, Classifier (เล่ม is the classifier for books, knives and candles.)
หนังสือ năng-sĕu Noun book ; letter
หนึ่ง nueng alone, tone of number "1" in Thai
อะไร a-rai Indefinite Pronoun something ; anything ; whatever

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