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“Please Follow Me” How could I speak in Thai?

If you want someone to follow you in the situation of walking, running, riding, driving, etc.

Let see how making a sentence of Thai language following:

“Please Follow Me” = “กรุณาตามฉันมา”


กรุณา ตาม ฉัน มา
ka-ru-na dtaam chan maa
Please follow me.

The sentence above is used for females, because Thai has the particular pronoun for each person such as female, male, kid, monk,,,

In here, you can see the word ฉัน(Chan) as I've mentioned in the right above sentence. Yes, ฉัน(Chan) is the pronoun of female in Thai language.

กรุณา ตาม ผม มา
ka-ru-na dtaam phom maa
Please follow me.

You will use the above sentence if you are a male only. ผม(Phom) is the pronoun of female.

กรุณา ตาม หนู มา
ka-ru-na dtaam 
nŏo maa
Please follow me.

If you are a kid or you are very young or far younger than the one you are speaking to, you use หนู(Nŏo) according to this sentence.

กรุณา ตาม อาตมา มา
ka-ru-na dtaam 
àat-dtà-maa maa
Please follow me.

Do you know monks in Buddhism? The majority of Thais are Buddhist. When a monk wants to say, "Please follow me", he would say "กรุณาตามอาตมามา(ka-ru-na / dtaam / àat-dtà-maa / maa)"

The word อา-ต-มา(àat-dtà-maa) is a personal pronoun of Pali/Sanskrit origin, which is used by monks in Thai.

Well, you will be often heard the impolite word as the below sentence as well.

ตาม กู มา
goo maa
Follow me.

กู(Goo) is the word that uses for Thai whom are at the same age or close friends.

Remember this is a very rude word to refer to yourself when talking with anybody by using กู(Goo).

I seriously suggest you to these two common words to indicate yourself when have a conversation with them.

Female, you just easily use "ฉัน(Chan)"

If you are male, only pick this word "ผม(Phom)" to say with yours...(Thai)...

Hope you enjoy my article for today.

Well, see you all again in my next articles, keep in touch. Your feedback is very welcomed.

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กรุณา ka-ru-na please
ตาม dtaam Preposition according to ; in accordance with[to] follow ; pursue ; come after
ฉัน chan I, me
มา maa Verb [to] come ; arrive

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