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How to say in Thai this sentence; "What Are You Doing Now?"

Sà-wàt-dee khrup. Learn Thai Free Online[LTFO] today’s article is telling you on how to make some question and answer sentences about the current situation of doing things.

The structure of sentences asking someone with as: "What are you doing?"

Subject + gam-lang + verb + a-rai; or Subject + gam-lang + verb + a-rai + yòo

Let's see some example sentences below:

The two sentences as following are using with the form "Subject + gam-lang + verb + a-rai + yòo"

Q:คุณ กำลัง ทำ อะไร อยู่ ตอนนี้
khun gam-lang tam a-rai yòo dton-né
What are you doing now?

ฉัน กำลัง ดูทีวี อยู่
chan gam-lang doo tee wee yòo
I am watching TV.

Now, you will see them in the other form; "Subject + gam-lang + verb + a-rai"

หล่อน กำลัง ทำ อะไร
lòn gam-lang tam a-rai
What is she doing?

หล่อน กำลัง ทำอาหาร
lòn gam-lang tam aa-hăan
She is cooking.


พวกเขา กำลัง ทำ อะไร
pûak kăo gam-lang tam a-rai
What are they doing?

พวกเขา กำลัง กินข้าว
pûak kăo gam-lang gin kâao
They are eating.

พวกเขากำลังกินข้าว at Ko Samed

พวกเรา กำลัง ทำ อะไร
pûak rao gam-lang tam a-rai
What are we doing?

พวกเรา กำลัง ร้องเพลง
pûak rao gam-lang róng playng
We are singing.


In addition, we can make them shorter by not put "Subject", let's have a look at some example sentences nowhere;

กำลัง ทำ อะไร
gam-lang tam a-rai
What are we doing?

กำลัง ร้องเพลง
gam-lang róng playng
We are singing.


ทำ อะไร อยู่ ครับ
tam a-rai hyu kráp
What are you doing?

อ่าน หนังสือ ครับ
àan năng-sĕu kráp
I'm reading.

How super easy it is!

Now, it's time to say goodbye for today. Thank you for reading our article.

See you in the next article,
laa gòn

Posted by,
Michael Leng

To listen the pronounce click this link: คุณ กำลัง ทำ อะไร อยู่ ตอนนี้ and then follow by click on the speaker symbol.

คำศัพท์(khamsap) | Vocabulary
ออกเสียง(ok-seang) | Pronunciation
แปล(plae) | Translate
กำลัง gam-lang Adverb-Auxiliary (an auxiliary used to put the verb in the present continuous tense)
กินข้าว gin kâao Verb [to] eat (Although this is literally "to eat rice" it's used as a general term for referring to eating meals.)
คุณ khun you
ฉัน chan Pronoun I, me: Commonly used by females (Occasionally, monks and men might use it too).
ดูทีวี doo tee wee Verb [to] watch television; watch TV
ตอนนี้ dton-né Adverb now; right now; at this moment
ทำ tam Verb [to] do ; make
ทำอาหาร tam aa-hăan Verb [to] cook
พวกเขา pûak kăo Personal Pronoun they; them
พวกเรา pûak rao Personal Pronoun we; us; all of us
ร้องเพลง róng playng Verb [to] sing; sing a song
หล่อน lòn she; her
อยู่ hyu is, am, are, was, were
อะไร a-rai Indefinite Pronoun something; anything; whatever

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