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The previous article, I have posted on how to make question sentences asking for name of the others, today, let us see how to reply a question or tell to another one your name in Thai language.

See some of example sentence:

Ex. 1
ผม ชื่อ สมชาย ครับ
pŏm chêu somchai khrup
My name is Somchai.

Ex. 2
ฉัน ชื่อ นงลักษ์ ค่ะ
chan chêu Nongluck khâa
My name is Nongluck

Ex. 3
เขา ชื่อ ไมเคิล
kao chêu Michael
His name is Michael.

Ex. 4
หล่อน ชื่อ ปรานี
lòn chêu Pranee
Her name is Pranee.

ครับ[khrup] is the Thai polite particle used by men by putting at the end of a sentence.

ค่ะ[kha] is the polite particle used by females. To use by speaking at the end of a sentence either.

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Michael Leng,

How Do You Make A Question Sentence “What Is Your Name?” In Thai?

คำศัพท์(khamsap) | Vocabulary
ออกเสียง(ok-seang) | Pronunciation
แปล(plae) | Translate
ผม pŏm Personal Pronoun: I ; me (used by men only)
ชื่อ chêu Noun, Classifier: name ; first name
สมชาย somchai Somchai (Name of Thai men)
ครับ khrup Thai particle putting at the end of sentence for men use indicating more polite
ฉัน chan I, me
นงลักษ์ nongluck Nongluck (Name of Thai women)
ค่ะ khâa Thai particle for women use indicating more polite(affirmative sentence)

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