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"I Am Sorry. I Don’t Understand." What so say in Thai?

How to say to Thai when you cannot understand something and you want to let him know.

Just practice this following sentences below and use them for talking with Thai people:

ผม ไม่ เข้าใจ

pŏm mâi kâo jai

I don't understand.

ฉัน ไม่ เข้าใจ

chăn mâi kâo jai

I don't understand.

กรุณา พูด อีก ครั้ง

karuna pôot èek kráng

Please say again.

ขอโทษ ฉัน ไม่ เข้าใจ ที่ คุณ พูด

khŏr tôht chăn mâi kâo jai thi khun phut

I am sorry. I don’t understand what you just said.

กรุณา พูด ช้า ช้า

karuna pôot cháa cháa

Please speak slowly.

Hope it is not too difficult for you, right?

Any feedback from you will be such treasures--any error in this blog--for future improvement.

See you next time, goodbye,

Thanks for reading.

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กรุณา ka-ru-na please
ขอโทษ khŏr tôht sorry, apologize
เข้าใจ khâo jai understand
คุณ khun you
ฉัน chan Pronoun I, me: Commonly used by females (Occasionally, monks and men might use it too).
ช้าๆ cha cha Adverb slowly; unhurriedly; leisurely ; (ๆ =haracter used to indicate the previous word is repeated)
ที่ thi that, at, place, to, land
พูด phut speak
ไม่ mâi no, not
อีกครั้ง èek kráng Adverb again; another time

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