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"Britain's PM, dead" Learn to say Thai...

Today, in this lesson, you will learn some useful Thai sentences such as Highlight as follows;

⟴ เสียชีวิต เมื่อไหร่

⟴ lòn sĭa chee-wít mêua...

Thai good to know Quiz and Answer

Sawattdii kráp(สวัสดีครับ) Hello, everyone.

My name is Leng. I'm Thai. I have been posting this blog "Learn Thai Free Online [LTFO] - With Michael Leng" for years.

I just would like to share with you my ability in Thai as it's my native language to anyone who's interested to learn Thai.

In today's posting, you will learn how to speak Thai about the new headlines as..."Margaret Thatcher, Britain's first female PM, dead at 87."... 

I hope that this lesson will be fit for your expectation of learning Thai.

Thai good to know Quiz!

Do you know how to say this words "Where Is The Post Office Please?" in Thai?

Okay now, let's jump to the sentence of English about the news headline of the dead of British Ex-prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, to translate to Thai.

Here is the sentence:

นายกรัฐมนตรีหญิง คนแรก ของอังกฤษ ถึงแก่ อสัญกรรม ด้วยวัย 87 ปี

nayok-ratthamontri-hying / khonraek / khong angkrit / thong kae / a-sanyakam / doiwai / paetsipchet / pee

Margaret Thatcher, Britain's first female PM, dead at 87.

Let's practice some more sentences.

Refer to the above sentence, if you would like to make a question, just say these sentences as follows:

นายกรัฐมนตรี อังกฤษ เสียชีวิต เมื่อไหร่

naa-yók rát-tà-mon-dtree / ang-grìt / sĭa chee-wít / mêua rài

When did Britain's prime minister pass away?

To reply to the question above, you say like this sentence as below:

หล่อน เสียชีวิต เมื่อ วันที่ 8 เมษายน 2013

lòn sĭa chee-wít mêua wan têe paet may-săa-yon sŏng pan sìp săam

She passed away on 8 April' 2013

Thai good to know Answer!

 a. ที่ทำการไปรษณีย์ไปทางไหน

 b. ที่ทำการไปรษณีย์ไปทางโน้น

 c. ที่ทำการไปรษณีย์ไปทางขวา

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Here we come to the end of my today's lesson. Thank you for following me. Whenever you would to know anything about Thai, please think of Learn Real Thai with a Pure Thai.

If you love it, I will be happy. If you share this with your friends, I will be shiny.

I hope to receive any feedback from you guys. Because they will be such treasures--any error in this blog--for future improvement.


Thanks for reading.

Posted by: Michael Leng

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See more sentences:
คำศัพท์(khamsap) | Vocabulary
ออกเสียง(ok-seang) | Pronunciation
แปล(plae) | Translate
ของ khong of, thing
คน khon human, person, stir
แรก râek Quantifier. first ; initial ; original
ด้วย dûay for, with
ถึงแก่ tĕung gàe Verb [to] reach
นายกรัฐมนตรี naa-yók rát-tà-mon-dtree Noun. prime minister ; PM ; chancellor
ปี bpee Noun, Classifier. year (ปี is the classifier for years and years of age.)
วัย wai Noun, of Pali/Sanskrit originage ; period (of someones life)
หญิง yĭng Noun. female ; woman
อสัญกรรม a-săn gam Noun. death
อังกฤษ ang-grìt Adjective English
อะไร a-rai Indefinite Pronoun something ; anything ; whatever

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