How many languages do you speak?

Are you agree speaking other language is very necessary?

Internet network changes lots of things in the world. It’s very useful for our daily life. We are able to do things that we have never thought before.

We use Internet for communication with other people across the globe whoever using the Internet network.

Also in these days there are many companies run business social network online. They offer free account for members to use their program network to connect each other.

If one can speak English that would be an advantage. Because, the popular social network that they use English language as for the main program sites.

Well, I think someone is able to speak at least several languages such his native one, English, French, Japanese,etc.

For Thai language, if you would like to make a question asking if now can speak language more than one. You say like this.

Sentence: ประโยค[prayok] คุณพูดได้กี่ภาษา
Pronunciation: การออกเสียง[kan-ok-siang] khun phut dai ki phasa
Translation: คำแปล[khamplae] How many languages do you speak?
Vocabulary: ศัพท์[sap] คุณ khun = you
พูด phut = speak
กี่ ki = how many
ภาษา phasa = language

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