Happy New Year (Thai: สุขสันต์วันปีใหม่) Wishing Speech for Thailand New Year's Day

To bless to someone on New Year occasion in Thai language.

Do you know when Thailand New Year is?

Thailand new year is called "วันสงกรานต์[wan songkran]" = "Songkran Day" It's during 11-13 April of every year.

Thai people will take this occasion to visit parents, family, hometown or travelling.

The main activity during this occasion are making a merit by offering food to monk, watering onto old people and receiving bless from them.

The most popular reputation activity is splashing water over other people. There will be held at almost everywhere in country area, but the recommended places are such as พัทยา[Patthaya], ภูเก็ต[Phuket], เชียงใหม่[Chieng Mai], ตรอกข้าวสาร[Trok khao san] in Bankok capital city of Thailand, ตรอกข้าวเหนียว[Trok khao niao] in  Khon Kaen, one of the many provinces in Northeast, Thailand.

Here is the sentence to use for wishing to someone during New Year occasion:

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สุขสันต์ วันปีใหม่
sùk-săn wan-bpee-mài
Happy New Year

สุขสันต์ วันสงกรานต์
sùk-săn wan sŏng-graan
Happy Wan-Sŏng-Graan

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