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"Could You Speak Slowly Please?" in Thai is...

Today, in this lesson, you will learn some useful Thai sentences such as Highlight as follows;

⟴ Could you speak slowly, please?

⟴ กรุณา พูด ช้าๆ หน่อย ครับ

Thai good to know Quiz and Answer

Sawattdii kráp(สวัสดีครับ) Hello, everyone.

My name is Leng. I'm Thai. I have been posting this blog "Learn Thai Free Online [LTFO] - With Michael Leng" for years.

I just would like to share my ability in Thai as it's my native language to anyone who's interested to learn Thai.

In today's posting, you will learn how to speak Thai about the sentence..."Could You Speak Slowly Please?"... I hope that this my lesson will be fit to your expectation.

Thai good to know Quiz!

Do you know how to say this word "What Kind Of Beer Do They Sell In Thailand" in Thai?

Whenever you speak to Thai people, He is speaking too fast for you to catch it. Hence, you should ask him to speak not too quickly.

Learn Thai today, how to request someone to speak a bit slower. You just say the sentence below:

กรุณา พูด ช้าๆ หน่อย ครับ

karuna phut cha cha hnoi khrap/kha

Could you speak slowly, please?

ครับ [khrap] is a polite particle in Thai language. "Khrap" is added to the end of a sentence to indicate deference and respect to the addressee. Men speak this word.

If you are a woman, just add this word "ค่ะ [kha]" to the end of your Thai sentence.

กรุณา พูด ช้าๆ หน่อย ค่ะ

karuna phut cha cha hnoi kha

Could you speak slowly, please?

ครับ [khrap] for a male to say.

ค่ะ [kha] for a female to add.

Both of Thai particle words above is usually using at end of the sentence.

Thai good to know Answer!

 a. มีเบียร์อะไรขายบ้าง

 b. มีเหล้าอะไรขายบ้าง

 c. มีน้ำอะไรขายบ้าง

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Before I am about to say goodbye to you, I hope that what I have posted and shared with you today. They will be beneficial for you, your company, and any relevant.

If you love it, I will be happy. If you share this with your friends, I will be shiny.

I hope to receive any feedback from you guys. Because they will be such treasures--any error in this blog--for future improvement.


Thanks for reading.

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