What's Your Name? (Thai: คุณชื่ออะไร [khun chue a-rai])

To question Thai's people name. Here are how to make questions since supposing you speak to Thai

Just say like these below.

ขอทราบ ชื่อ คุณ ได้ไหม ครับ/ค่ะ
khosap chue khun dai hmai khrap/kha
May I know your name please?

คุณ ชื่อ อะไร
khun chue a-rai khrup/kha
What's your name?

ชื่อ [chue] = name
ขอทราบ [khosap] = may I know

chan chue...Leng....khrup
My name is Leng.
[Man say with Khrup as for more polite. Can use as the end of every sentence when speaking.]

chan chue...Arin....kha
My name is Arin.
[Woman use Kha for more polite as well.]

"khrup" is just a word denote polite for men to use, women say with "kha" instead.

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