Adele's fight with Chris Brown at the Grammy's | อเดลทะเลาะกับ คริส บราวด์ ในงานเลี้ยงแกรมมี่อวอร์ด [ adele tha-lo kap chris brown nai ngan leang grammy awards]

During the 2013 Grammy awards,

Frank Ocean wins for best Urban contemporary album.

He receives a standing ovation...from everyone except Chris Brown.

At the Grammy's party after party,

Adele was seen blasting Chris over his bad behaviour and lack of respect.

Adele called Chris Brown a "Spoilt Brat"

And told him that she was disgusted by his lack of respect.

She told him "You won't get very far life with your attitude" and "I wouldn't feed you to my dogs, your are rubbish"

Adele continued her rant to other Grammy guests including Ellen. 

Ellen said "Yeah Adele was really fired up. 

"I thought she was going to explore like a big British Fire cracker"

Chris was then overheard telling Rihanna "That fat bitch is crazy"

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